Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Real Estate and Construction LitigationJackson Law International provides legal counsel regarding commercial and residential real estate and construction litigation.

This firm provides such representation both in the U.S. and in Germany through its local, German attorneys.

The firm’s attorneys are experienced in representing builders, sellers, and buyers of commercial and private real estate properties in a wide variety of real estate and construction litigation matters. Having said that, avoiding litigation altogether is generally the preferred course.

Therefore, at the outset, Jackson Law International’s attorneys can provide legal counsel regarding many aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. Such assistance spans from the drafting and negotiation of real estate contracts to assisting in the closing process. When involved prior to closing in real estate transactions, the attorneys for Jackson Law International will guide their clients through the sale and purchase process with an eye toward avoiding future legal disputes.

Nevertheless, Jackson Law International is prepared to assist you should you require an experienced real estate litigation attorney concerning issues related to the purchase or sale of real estate property or relative to issues that arose during or after the construction of the property.

Jackson Law International can also assist you in the drafting and / or review of commercial leases.  Should a lease dispute arise, our real estate litigation team can represent your interests in any formal legal action.

We encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your options regarding your real estate and construction transaction or litigation matter, so that a timely assessment of these potential options can be examined, discussed, and evaluated.  As litigation can be complicated and costly, you should have an experienced attorney at your side.

Legal Notices and Disclaimer

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