Private International Law

  • Private International Law issues in International Commercial Litigation, International Personal Injury Litigation, and International Business Transactional Matters
  • Conflict of Laws, Hague Convention on Service of Process, and the Apostille Convention

The attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. are experienced in the representation of international clients from throughout the globe, assisting in International Commercial Litigation and International Personal Injury Litigation cases, as well as International Business Transactional Matters.  Historically, the phrase “international law” was used to describe the rules and principles that govern the conduct between nations.  Increasingly, however, a distinction has emerged within the field of international law between Public International law, dealing with this aspect of international law, and Private International Law (also “International Private Law”), which, instead, deals with the controversies between private individuals and companies, where the parties have significant ties to more than one country.  This law firm routinely represents foreign clients in such actions in the United States, and its attorneys are pleased to apply that experience on your behalf.

Private International Law is not found in some sort of Code or uniform set of laws.  Rather, disputes arising under Private International Law are determined by looking to a particular country’s laws, following an initial decision of which country’s laws are to be applied to the dispute.  Private International Law is also commonly referred to as Conflict of Laws, and the conflicts that typically arise center upon:

  1. Jurisdiction – whether the court in which the action has been brought has the authority to resolve the dispute;
  2. Choice of Law –  the determination of which country’s law to apply to the dispute; and
  3. Foreign Judgments – the recognition and enforcement of another country’s court judgment.

For example, personal jurisdiction of a party must be established for the court to hear the dispute.  Depending upon the countries involved, establishing proper service of process in order to achieve personal jurisdiction may require examining the requirements of the Hague Convention on Service of Process, which provides the means of achieving service of process within the signatory countries.  Thus, it is critical for you to retain attorneys who are familiar with this Hague Convention.

Depending upon the laws of the countries involved, and whether or not they differ in any significant respect, the determination of which country’s laws to apply can have significant consequences upon a case.  Thus, again, it is best to retain attorneys familiar with the analysis that is required in making the Choice of Law analysis.

Lastly, foreign judgment domestication and the use of Apostilles and the Apostille Convention also requires some degree of experience with the process, and the attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. are prepared to assist you in the handling of your matter.

The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. is experienced in the representation of multinational and foreign / foreign-based clients in international legal disputes, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you.  We encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your options regarding your international law matter.