Premises Liability

Premises liability lawsuits seek to hold the person in possession of real property responsible for injuries sustained by those who come onto the premises.  These injuries may result from dangerous conditions that may or may not be obvious to those on the property.  Under premises liability law, those in possession of the property will often have different duties to those entering the property depending upon the person’s reason for entry upon the property.  Premises liability law defines those duties, and an understanding of the injured party’s status and reason for entry upon the property is critical to evaluating the various duties of a property owner / possessor.

In evaluating a premises liability case, many factors must be scrutinized, and it is critical that you have an attorney in your corner who will work diligently on your behalf to determine the strength and value of your case.  When you contact us, your consultation will be free, and you pay no fee unless we obtain a recovery.  The attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm look forward to being able to serve you with respect to your premises liability matter.