Automobile / Vehicular / Traffic Accidents and Personal Injuries

shutterstock_132431864The most recent published statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that a total of 5,505,000 police-reported motor vehicle traffic accidents occurred nationally.  A third of those crashes resulted in injury and, of those, 30,797 were fatal in nature. Florida accounted for 2,558 of those fatalities, and, in a state-by-state comparison ranked only behind California and Texas.  As a result, Florida on its own accounted for over 8% of this nation’s motor vehicle fatalities.

Following any traffic accident, it is important that you consult with an attorney prior to speaking with any insurance company representative or signing any settlement agreements.  In such cases, The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. will work to quickly assist you in gathering information and documentation to support your case.  We will interview eyewitnesses and review accident and police reports to determine whether another party is at fault for your damages and/or injuries.  Our goal is to be able to best advise you about your best course of action.

Traffic accidents can result in property damage and injuries that range from relatively minor to permanent or even those fatal in their outcome.  We will help you in assessing the value of your injuries or those of a loved one in an effort to seek the best possible result in such unfortunate circumstances.

Keep in mind that being represented by an experienced attorney can cause you to avoid mistakes that might affect the value of your legal claim or which might cause it to be barred entirely.  The person or entity causing your injuries will most certainly have experienced legal counsel to defend them, and it will not be their goal to look out for your best interests.  Instead, their goal will be to minimize your recovery.  Thus, it is important, if you believe you may have a claim, for you to seek legal advice as quickly as possible after your injuries occurred in order to preserve evidence and to allow your attorney to be able to pursue all applicable remedies.  The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. welcomes the opportunity to discuss your claim with you in confidence, so that you can determine your rights.

When you contact us, your consultation will be free, and you pay no fee unless we obtain a recovery.  The attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. look forward to being able to serve you.