Assault and Battery

In addition to criminal charges, an individual who commits assault and battery upon you, will also be exposed to civil liability.  The Jackson Law Firm is pleased to have represented victims of assault and battery in civil litigation matters in order to obtain a financial recovery upon their behalf.  The Jackson Law Firm is prepared to fight for your recovery should you be a victim of assault and battery, and we look forward to speaking with you about your case.

Even if the perpetrator cannot be identified, a further consideration is that the owner of the property upon which the assault and battery occurred may bear some responsibility for the incident.  A number of factors are taken into account in such matters, and an experienced attorney is required to evaluate them in order to assess the strength of the case.

When you contact us, your consultation will be free, and you pay no fee unless we obtain a recovery.  The attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm look forward to being able to serve you.