Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes

When a commercial landlord and tenant enters into a leasing agreement for commercial real estate, preferably the lease is comprehensive in its treatment of the property and the terms of the lease and it is thoroughly reviewed by the parties.  Despite best efforts, and particularly in turbulent economic times, the strength of commercial leases is tested in any number of ways.  One reason may be that tenants, for a number of economic reasons, wish to renegotiate their commercial lease and they take a harder and closer look at the underlying lease.  Moreover, commercial landlord and tenant disputes arise as either landlords or tenants assert that one or more lease provisions in the commercial lease have been breached, and litigation may ensue in such instances.

The Jackson Law Firm is experienced in the representation of either party in commercial landlord and tenant disputes arising under a commercial lease, as well as in efforts to negotiate or renegotiate a commercial lease.  We look forward to sitting down with you to discuss your options and course of action, and encourage you to contact our firm so that together we can best determine how to protect your interests.