Construction and Real Estate Litigation

The Jackson Law Firm is experienced in representing clients in Construction and Real Estate Litigation matters.  We advise clients on matters, for example, such as construction defects, bid protests, deposit recovery issues, breach of contract claims, and lien claims and foreclosures. Some law firms focus exclusively on representing the developer, owner, general contractor, sub-contractor, or purchaser in every type of lawsuit. The Jackson Law Firm has experience representing all such clients in these various arenas, which enables us to better understand our opponent and make objective assessments about the strengths and weaknesses of our clients’ construction-related dispute.

We provide legal counsel on many aspects of commercial and residential real estate matters, whether it is a real estate transaction or real estate related litigation. If we are involved before the closing, we guide our clients through the sale and purchase process with an eye toward avoiding future disputes. If after deposit, but prior to closing, a legal basis arises that would suggest closing on the property is not appropriate, we can assist you in evaluating and acting upon your remedies.  If we are involved after the closing, we assist our clients in evaluating contract enforcement issues.

We encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your options regarding your construction and real estate litigation case.