Inadequate Security

Inadequate SecurityCases in which inadequate security leads to personal injuries are also known as negligent security cases.

Negligent security cases are a type of civil negligence action that fall within the broader category of premises liability cases. Inadequate / Negligent Security cases arise from criminal attacks such as, for example, assaults, robbery, rape, abduction, and murder. They involve situations where inadequate security at a commercial or residential location allows such criminal acts to occur.

Such locations include, for example, hotels / motels, amusement parks, shopping malls / shopping centers, stores, restaurants, resorts, parking garages / parking lots, apartment complexes, office buildings, and airports. Where the criminal act was reasonably foreseeable and those responsible for the property, i.e., owner, property management company, etc., did not take reasonable measures to prevent it, the victim may be entitled to damages.

Keep in mind that being represented by an experienced attorney can cause you to avoid mistakes that might affect the value of your legal claim. The owner of the premises, as well as the insurance company, will most certainly have experienced legal counsel, and it will not be their goal to look out for your best interests.  Instead, their goal will be to keep claim costs down and minimize the amount paid out on each claim.  Thus, it is important, if you believe you may have a claim, for you to seek legal advice as quickly as possible after your injuries occurred in order to preserve evidence and to allow your attorney to be able to pursue all applicable remedies.  Jackson Law International welcomes the opportunity to discuss your claim with you in confidence.

When you contact us, your consultation will be free, and you pay no fee unless we obtain a recovery. The attorneys of Jackson Law International look forward to being able to serve you.

Finally, should you have need for an attorney in Germany, our German-licensed attorneys can assist you in cases involving inadequate security wherein you suffered injury in Germany. Please be mindful of the fact, though, that the German legal system has a vastly different system in place for the calculation of damages, and in particular pain and suffering, as well as it relates to attorney’s fees.  Our attorneys will be happy to explain these issues in greater detail to you.

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