Professional License Representation

Representation on behalf of professionals before State Licensing Boards

The attorneys of The Jackson Law Firm, P.A. represent individuals in administrative investigations and before professional disciplinary bodies.  A professional license, whether in the field of medicine, law, engineering, contracting, or other professional field is typically earned with a great degree of effort, time, and expense.  Thus, an administrative review arising from a claim that the professional committed an infraction warranting disciplinary action can have devastating consequences.

This firm will represent your interests before the Florida Department of Medicine, Florida Board of Nursing, Florida Board of Dentistry, and/or pertinent Grievance Committees and the Supreme Court of Florida.

Although professionals are fully within their right to represent themselves before state licensing boards, committees, and /or the Supreme Court of Florida, it should be remembered that the relevant agency pursuing disciplinary action will have an attorney representing its interests.  Inasmuch as the professional’s livelihood may be at stake, the retention of counsel is typically wise in order to protect your professional credentials.  At The Jackson Law Firm, P.A., we welcome the opportunity to represent your interests in professional disciplinary proceedings.

We encourage you to contact our firm to discuss your options regarding your matter.