Peter Nickl

Peter Nickl

Partner (Germany)

Peter Nickl is a Partner in Jackson Law International – Attorneys-at-Law & Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft. Mr. NIckl was admitted to the bar as an attorney in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1996, and is a member of the Nürnberg Bar Association. Mr. Nickl initially founded his law practice in that same year in Regensburg, Germany and, through his many successes on behalf of his clients, developed a burgeoning legal practice. Upon Jackson Law International’s expansion into the German legal market, Mr. Nickl began representing clients in Germany on behalf of Jackson Law International’s German offices,* where he routinely assists in U.S.-German cross-border legal matters.

Mr. Nickl represents clients throughout Germany in a variety of civil matters. In particular, through his longstanding representation of medium-sized companies and private clients, representing hundreds of cases and over two decades of legal experience, Mr. Nickl developed a high level of specialization in several legal areas. Notably, an attorney in Germany can hold a maximum of three titles as a bar-certified specialist (“Fachanwalt”) and has to attend many courses every year to ensure the highest quality of representation to his clients. In Mr. Nickl’s case, he holds three such bar-certified specialist titles in the following legal fields:

  • Bar-Certified Specialist for Transport and Freight Forwarding Law;
  • Bar-Certified Specialist for Employment Law; and
  • Bar-Certified Specialist for Construction and Architectural Law

Mr. Nickl’s range of services include the following specialized areas of law, encompassing extrajudicial and judicial representation in:

  • Corporate matters – legal advice concerning corporate formation, operational issues, and succession.
  • Claim & Accounts Receivable Management in the event of default, involving resolution both through out-of-court or judicial means and, if necessary, enforcement of judgments.
  • Contract matters – Contract drafting and review in all contexts, whether, by way of example, employment contracts, construction projects, contractual terms and conditions, purchase contracts, prenuptial agreements, etc.
  • Employment and Career – all questions about employment relationships from the perspective of either the employee or employer;
  • Family law / Divorce matters, including all aspects, such as alimony, custody, property disputes, prenuptial contracts, property distribution, etc.
  • Litigation / Mediation – competent representation and negotiation in pre-litigation and litigation matters.
  • Project Management – legal advice on project planning and communication between the parties.
  • Property and Construction – broad representation in matters involving construction on behalf of architects, construction companies, and private parties.
  • Transport and Freight Forwarding – any transport related matter by ground, rail, water, or by air.

Mr. Nickl puts extra emphasis on high standards and consolidated knowledge. Mr. Nickl developed an affinity for the English language and American culture early on, and he spent a year as an exchange student at a U.S. high school in Clymer, New York. Subsequent thereto, and during his legal studies, Mr. Nickl spent a semester working as an intern at a renowed law firm in Southern California. The bilingual service and care in English and German on behalf of his clients is, therefore, ensured.

He is a member of the German Bar Association, received the Quality Seal for Further Education, serves as the Head of the Real Estate Contracting Division VBMI Association of German Lawyers for Construction, Rent and Real Estate Law e.V., is a member of the German Association for Transport Law e.V., and serves as a certified instructor for young lawyers.


*Please note that the German offices of Jackson Law International are a separate legal entity set up under, and accordingly governed by, the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Any fee agreement into which you may enter with either the U.S. or the German entity will spell out the entity with which you are entering into a legally binding agreement.

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