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Personal Injury Cases, International Personal Injury LitigationThe United States legal system is confusing even to Americans.  When foreign visitors travel to this country on business, as tourists, or for other personal matters, the last thing that they expect is that they will suffer some form of accident or personal injury that will significantly impact their trip.  Such travelers often come to us with stories of the injuries that they sustained in this country with no real understanding as to how they can obtain compensation for personal injury cases.  These individuals, understandably, simply do not understand what it means to pursue personal injury cases in the United States.  In many instances they have tried to speak with American attorneys, who because of the language or cultural barrier simply were not able to meet and/or address their needs.  This firm has the greatest experience with European Union based travelers based upon our connection to Germany, but our overall experience handling international litigation matters on behalf of a variety of international clients has allowed us to be in tune with their immediate and long-term needs.  If you fall into this category, the attorneys of Jackson Law International look forward to putting their experience to work on your case.

Some recurring questions we can answer in advance:

Do I have to pay you to sue someone for my personal injury?

Our firm will handle your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis – meaning that you pay no fee until we are able to achieve a monetary result for you.

What kind of records do you need / do I have to get those records together?

This firm will efficiently and professionally gather information and documentation and coordinate all aspects of the litigation process.  If you have already obtained some records – for example, a police report, accident report, medical report, bills, etc., we would ask that you provide us with copies once we accept your case.

What other information might be helpful in my personal injury case?

Recording information at the time of an accident can be very helpful later as often memories begin to fade.  For example, noting the time of day of the incident and the date might allow one later to establish the weather and lighting conditions at the time of the accident.  Getting the names and contact information for witnesses may allow a third party perspective from someone who has nothing to gain by their testimony that could prove invaluable.  Making a note of statements made by others involved in the incident could establish a variety of issues, including ownership, state of mind, etc., and might be admissible against that party in court.  Provide your attorney with everything, and let your attorney decide whether it is important or not to your case.

Why not hire another personal injury law firm?

We have found that most American attorneys have no familiarity with the European or other international health care systems, and are completely unequipped to obtain critical documentation to support a claim for damages in the United States.  In cases, for example, involving German-speaking witnesses and where we must obtain factual information or request their cooperation in obtaining their testimony, such individuals often tend to be suspicious when dealing with English speaking attorneys and their staff.  Conversely, we have experienced much success in obtaining the cooperation of individuals in the European Union who have critical information and documentation needed to support a claim for damages in the United States.  Our familiarity with the relevant European systems has provided a level of comfort not only for our clients but those third parties entirely unfamiliar with the American litigation process.

If my injuries happened in another part of the United States, can you help me?

When it comes to litigating matters within the United States, the attorneys of Jackson Law International are licensed in multiple jurisdictions such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida; Louisiana, Minnesota, New York; Texas; and Washington, D.C.  Moreover, we have served as lead counsel in cases throughout the United States through pro hac vice admission by the applicable state or federal court.  In addition, we have a vast network of lawyers around the country who assist us in such matters – our local counsel – to provide you with the most comprehensive form of representation throughout the United States.

You should be mindful of the law firm that seeks for you to retain them, only for that firm to then simply turn the matter over to a different law firm.  That should be a clear sign to  you that the initial law firm does not have the experience and/or resources to help you in your legal matter.  Be sure to ask pointed questions when you interview a law firm, ensuring that the attorney with whom you are speaking is actually going to handle your case, having the attorney who is to handle the case tell you about his / her own professional experience in such matters, and having the attorney tell you about his / her accomplishments with respect to trial results and settlements.

Jackson Law International will gladly share with you its track record in representing clients in personal injury cases  across the United States .  Our knowledge of norms allows us to provide a level of service to our clients that is, in most instances, simply too difficult for the typical American law firm to duplicate.


We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about Jackson Law International, its attorneys, and the firm’s practice areas.

International Litigation typically presents the courts, attorneys, and parties with unique challenges that fall outside of the general experience of law firms that have not routinely handled such matters.  Our international experience allows us to assist clients and other law firms in international matters, and the firm looks forward to the opportunity to put that experience to work for its clients.

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