Our Offices


1201 S. Orlando Avenue
Suite 201
Winter Park, Florida 32789
Tel. +1-321-972-8820
Fax +1-321-972-8821


1901 1st Avenue
Suite 208
San Diego
California 92101-2382
Tel. +1-619-663-5620
Fax +1-619-663-5621

1055 West 7th Street
Suite 3300
Los Angeles
California 90017
Tel. +1-323-522-4385
Fax. +1-321-972-8821


Salzstraße 52
48143 Münster Germany

About Our Offices

Jackson Law International is located across the United States and in Germany:

Florida Office

Our Florida office is located in the Orlando Metropolitan area in historic Winter Park, the first centrally planned community in Florida.

The city is in the center of Florida, and is a primary destination for international travelers.

California Offices

Our California offices are located in San Diego and Los Angeles.

San Diego is known as the birth place of California, and the city thrives due to its booming international trade and tourism industries.

Los Angeles is the cultural, financial, and commercial center of Southern California, and is the second most populous city in the United States.

Germany Office

Finally, our German office is located in Münster, Germany, which is considered to be the cultural and creative center of the German Westphalia region.

The city has a long history, and was first mentioned when Charlemagne sent a missionary in 793 to evangelize the inhabitants of Münsterland. Greater Münster is home to many industries, including the manufacture of machinery and textiles, as well as service-based industries that include consulting and insurance companies, as well as banking institutions.

Let us work together

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