Jackson Law International’s Michael R. Jackson appointed as First Vice-President of the world’s largest network of international law firms.Jackson Law International is pleased to announce that one of its own has been appointed to serve as First Vice-President of the world’s largest network of international law firms. The extensive international law practice of Jackson Law International spans across the Atlantic through its representation of primarily German-speaking individuals and companies headquartered in Europe. Recognizing the international scope of this firm’s practice and the  commitment of one of its members to the practice of international law, the Asociación Europea de Abogados (“AEA”) honored this law firm by appointing Michael R. Jackson as First Vice-President to AEA’s Advisory Board. The President of the Advisory Board is Pedro Beltrán, an attorney in Spain, who created the AEA in 2004.

The AEA is recognized as the world’s largest network of international law firms. The AEA was founded in the European Union and, consequently, has strong roots in Europe. However, in time the organization has expanded on a global basis.  Jackson Law International is honored that one of its own has been appointed to this position on behalf of 760 legal offices world-wide, comprising circa 5,000 individual members. The AEA is the only network of attorneys that covers each and every one of the 196 independent countries of the world. This organization has a strict process for the selection of its membership of international law firms with the intention of offering to the public legal services that are based upon a uniform quality of standard and unimpeachable ethical standards among its membership.

Ongoing globalization leads corporations and individuals to depend increasingly upon legal representation throughout the world. Through its membership in this organization, Jackson Law International continually builds upon its professional relationships with attorneys practicing world-wide in the field of international law.  Moreover, the clients of Jackson Law International know that, for legal assistance outside of the United States, they can rely upon this law firm for recommendations of attorneys on a world-wise basis.


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Our international experience allows us to assist clients and other law firms in international matters, and the firm looks forward to the opportunity to put that experience to work for its clients.

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