International Litigation 
& Judicial Matters for Individuals 

Breach of Contract

Assisting you in contract review and litigation relating to an anticipated or actual breach of contract either in the U.S. or in Germany.

 Enforcing Foreign Judgments

Pursuing, or providing a defense against, the domestication and enforcement of foreign monetary judgments in the U.S. or in Germany.

Immigration Law

Assisting with legal issues governing immigration into the United States, including visa procurement, naturalization, permanent residence, etc.

International Family Law Matters

Providing assistance in international divorce and a broad variety of family law matters in Germany.

International Personal Injury Law

Pursuing a recovery for you, when you suffer personal injury due to the fault of another. Our attorneys have broad experience in recovering significant recoveries for our injured clients.

Maritime Injuries

When injured on the high seas or other bodies of water, hire a law firm experienced in maritime law cases in the U.S.

Medical Malpractice

Patients seeking to sue their doctor, hospital, etc. need experienced medical malpractice attorneys at their side.

Probate / Estate Litigation

Assisting you in legal contests arising due to a person’s death or mental incapacity both in the U.S. and in Germany.

Real Estate / Construction Litigation

Providing assistance in real estate disputes both in the U.S. and in Germany.

Jackson Law International is committed to representing its domestic and international clients in an efficient and effective manner to meet their legal needs. We encourage you – as you give consideration to your own legal needs – to review the information contained within the above-noted practice areas to assist you in making that determination.

Our offices stand prepared to assist you in safeguarding your legal interests and / or minimizing the potential for future litigation.  In those matters where litigation is your only option, we will zealously represent your interests.  Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to discussing with you your legal options in one of our offices.

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