International Family Law Matters

Divorce and family law.Family law, as the result of rising birth and divorce rates in the USA and in Germany, has seen a rise in importance among the various legal fields.

What is Family Law?

Family law represents the totality of the legal framework that governs the legal relationships between members of a family to one another and to third parties. Important areas within this field of law include:

German law requires parties to hire an attorney in a variety of Family Law matters.

Procedurally, pursuant to the FamFG (statutory compilation of laws governing proceedings in German family law matters – whether contested or uncontested), all participants in judicial proceedings involving divorce or maintenance, as well as related and litigated proceedings such as spousal and child support and child custody, must be represented by an attorney.

This field is rather complicated and its application is shaped by the particular characteristics of each individual case.  Often such matters can become quite emotional, which underscores the significance of all sides being represented by experienced and professional attorneys.

Experienced attorneys in Germany.

Jackson Law International is pleased to present its German attorneys, who are admitted to practice law in that country and who allow us to provide a pleasant, competent, and trustworthy international collaborative representation of our clients where borders play no role.  Our German attorneys are familiar with the field of family law in Germany and, due to our experience in dealing with such matters, have particularized knowledge and contacts in and concerning the German legal system.


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