Are you seeking a Career and not just a Job?

Employees who are a Cut Above the Rest.

At Jackson Law International, we strive to provide our clients with premier legal service that inspires confidence and trust. Doing so requires a team of bright, highly-motivated and detail-oriented individuals who are able to work closely with one another as a team.

The Importance of Long-Term Team Building.

The team approach permeates every aspect of our business model, as we work across international borders to achieve tremendous results for our clientele. Achieving such symbiosis requires time, and, therefore, we are interested in the long-term investment in the people that make up our law firm. If you are looking for a career and not just a job, you may have found your home.

Mentality & Personality before Experience.

While you can teach an athlete how to play a position in a sport, it is far more difficult to turn someone who understands a sports position into an athlete. We apply that same approach in our law firm. Our search for new team members is based upon finding those with a positive outlook, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to putting forth the best possible work product for the client. Therefore, we are less focused upon your particular work history, but whether you possess those inherent qualities that will make you a positive and productive member of our team and whether you are open to professional growth within the position.

Take a Look at our Available Positions.

We encourage you to review the positions for which we most often seek candidates and to apply if you believe that you would thrive in such an environment as ours.


Associate Attorney

Legal Internship


Legal Assistant


Let us work together

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