By Michael R. Jackson, Shareholder

Car accident in Florida - German clients - Driver was textingJackson Law International recently had the honor of representing a German couple that traveled to the United States for an extended stay in the “Sunshine State” but, unfortunately, was involved in a car accident in Florida because the American driver was texting while driving.

Among the parts of the state that these German tourists wished to see were Ocala’s horse-country.  While driving through this beautiful part of the state their vehicle was struck from behind because the driver of the other vehicle was texting while driving.  The accident required a visit to the local hospital where treatment was obtained.  Unfortunately, the Florida trip was ruined because of the severe pain the husband was experiencing due to the accident.  Upon returning home, and being examined by his German physician, a long treatment regimen followed for this gentleman so that his injuries might heal.  Such an experience was not the expected outcome when this couple planned their trip to Florida.

Not only did this couple need an experienced attorney, but one who could communicate with them in German in order to assist them in getting a full recovery for their personal injuries in a Florida courtroom.  It was not enough that the attorney spoke German, though, but it had to be an attorney with the appropriate experience in personal injury cases.

During the course of litigation, the insurance company for the negligent driver sought the medical records of our injured client.  They seized upon the fact that years before this gentleman had experienced a back injury.  However, a careful analysis of the injury then, as compared to the injury sustained in the car accident in Florida, revealed that the injuries were unrelated.  Nevertheless, the driver’s insurance company vigorously fought against reaching a settlement in the matter.

Ultimately, our law firm was able to convince the insurer that a settlement was the appropriate course of action for them, and our firm was able to successfully resolve the matter for these German tourists.

While you may speak to a German-speaking attorney in the United States who will claim that he/she has the experience to handle such a case, ask them to show you actual court filings from multiple personal injury cases that they personally brought to a conclusion, so that you can be sure that they have the actual case experience that they claim to possess on the telephone or their website.  When it comes to the personal injuries that you sustained in an automobile accident in the United States, you should not place your faith in the hands of the inexperienced.


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