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Jackson Law International is uniquely positioned in its cross-border representation of clientele between the United States and Europe through our blending of U.S. and German attorneys who have spent significant time in both countries. Our experience and background allow Jackson Law International to provide legal services to our clients that strives for the highest degree of legal competence but also relies upon an understanding of the differences in culture, mindset, and language to effectively and confidently reach our clients’ personal and business goals. Moreover, our law firm lives by our fundamental global business principles that focus upon quality, integrity, and seamlessness between our offices.

Jackson Law International was founded in 2003, but in many ways traces its origins to 1993 in Berlin, Germany, when a majority of its shareholders studied and met at the Freie Universität Berlin in Germany. Over time, after gathering a wealth of experience in well-known law firms around the world, the managing shareholders of Jackson Law International found their way back together professionally to create the international law firm of Jackson Law International.

Over time, Jackson Law International built a reputation in Germany for its reasoned but fierce advocacy for its clients, coupled with the fact that its attorneys were able to represent German-speakers in U.S. legal proceedings in their native language. Ultimately, Jackson Law International Rechtsanwälte & Attorneys-at-Law Partnerschaft was created in Germany, and these attorneys represent clients throughout Germany through its office located in Münster.

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