Kologne, Germany EAK ConferenceWhile prior Annual Meetings of the Europӓische Anwaltskooperation (EAK) (European Attorneys’ Cooperative), were held in any number of beautiful European locations over past years, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the members of the EAK to hold its 2020 Annual Meeting via a Zoom Conference in lieu of an in-person Conference.  Those members in attendance were located throughout Germany plus my attendance from the United States.  Nonetheless, given the serious issues that had befallen the world throughout 2020, it was encouraging to see those members in attendance and discuss the impact of the pandemic upon the EAK and its members.

As the 2020 EAK Annual Meeting had been planned for Cologne, Germany and did not take place, the 2021 Conference will be held in this city if Germany reopens by the Fall.

Jackson Law International is proud of its international connections, whether from the standpoint of its attorneys’ respective international heritages, the firm’s professional connections to the international legal community, i.e., other international law firms, through membership in such organizations as the EAK, direct work with attorneys from across the globe, and representation on behalf of clients from around the world.


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International Litigation typically presents the courts, attorneys, and parties with unique challenges that fall outside of the general experience of law firms that have not routinely handled such matters.  Our international experience allows us to assist clients and other law firms in international matters, and the firm looks forward to the opportunity to put that experience to work for its clients.

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